I immensely enjoyed reading, watching, and simply looking at all the images of the fashion project. It’s hard to give an extremely detailed assessment without choosing one individual project for the each had so many facets. This group did a very good job on the aesthetics of the website, even including an intro page introducing the audience to the subject of the project by way of a slideshow video of various “African inspired” fashions accompanied with music. Also, on that note, throughout the entire project I found it amazing that each participant was able to use almost every single piece of media to accompany, enliven, and present his or her text and that each individual project provided link upon link of material, in an ascetically pleasing manner,  to help substantiate their claims. It was extremely obvious each group member put a lot of time and effort into websites, not only creating the texts and visual aids, but also the links and multiple web pages. I was especially impressed when I clicked on the link for American Apparel on the Gallery page of the “mainstream” site expecting to be directed to the actual American Apparel site to find the examples; I was instead directed to yet another page created by the individual with selections from the store.

While I believe this project is indeed amazing, one major problem I see with the website as a whole is that there is no uniformity. There is nothing for me, or the audience to look at and know that this page is related to the other and so forth. One way to fix this would be to implement a common template or design to the pages. If this is achieved the website would look even more put together and professional. Also, on a smaller note, the menu or at least a home link should be made available on every page. If this project had a future, I would suggest offering a mission statement of some sort to centralize the magazine’s main objective because there seems to be a lot of different types of comparisons and analysis going on. Once again, overall this was an awesome project! Good Job!


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