The Constant Gardener

On the surface, The Constant Gardener is a great film, both for its plot as well as its execution. I first came to like it because it was able to capture and hold on to my attention to the point where I became emotionally involved in the film and outcome of the characters. “Will he be able to save the little boy?” I know that the filmmakers were able to achieve this through the perfectly integrated love story. What also made me like this movie is the utilization of the flashback format in which the movie is made up of constant flashbacks to help move along the story. These flashbacks come with a sense of a pause, a sort of “oh wait, but look,” which adds an element of thrill and excitement which keeps the audience involved in the story, asking questions. However, upon further examination I leave my cloud of superficial viewing and see that this text is just like many others we have reviewed this semester. This film whether knowingly or not subtlety utilizes the common stereotype of Africa as the mythical place of life where things are pure and free from the evils of westernization. The two main characters, Tessa and Justin find the truth in Africa.


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