I must first say, before sitting down into the theatre to be absolutely amazed and taken aback by “Ruined” I was nothing if not apprehensive. My sister and her friends, who are actors and dancers  of the theatre, had unfortunately never heard of this new play, at least new to New York City, and I simply thought it was going to an educational production that while it had a good message was not very entertaining. I most definitely mistaken. I immensely enjoyed “Ruined” the story, was very well executed by the actors, props, stage, lighting and sound; I became so well immersed within the created world of the theatre that my experience became real, so real even I had to readjust to the reality of my surroundings after the curtain closed.

For my brief critique I won’t spend the time recapping the story for I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone, however if you are that eager all you must do is visit the website or read one of the reviews. What I will talk about is the images created by the production team of “Ruined.” The entire play is acted out on a relatively very small stage; though, this stage must represent a brothel, bedroom, and a forest filled with trees and warring factions within the Congo. This may sound practically impossible, though you end up believing every second of it. What I loved best  in the set were the layers upon layers of trees in the background representing the Congo.  What adds to the effect of course is the lighting, which is especially useful in representing the rain as well as the excellent sound which I am sure made everyone jump in their seats when bombs went off or guns were shot.


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