The filmmaker Prashant Bhargava visited the campus of Amherst College to discuss and share his progress on the film-in- the-making “Patang.” Bhargava shared with the audience his methods and concept in creating the film about an annual kite festival in India. His technique exhibits a bit of documentary style with the mark of a true filmmaker. Before his official shooting for the film he spent three years in India in order to cleanse himself of any stereotypes or preconceived notions about his subject or setting which could have very easily been reflected in the finished copy of his film. Also, during this time he said he formed connections with families who expected him, as an American, to bring their children back to America or at the very least support them through their lives. It was very apparent in his description of his time researching that he fully understood the concepts of observation. He and his team would spend hour upon hours in one position trying to observe the natural behavior of his subjects. He understood Fanon’s concept of the gaze that once his subjects knew they were being watched they would in some way begin to perform.


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