Cradle of Life

While screening “Laura Croft Tomb Raider and the Cradle of Life” I attempted to look closely at every scene to try and see any representation of Africa, however as the film progressed I was sucked deeper and deeper into the film and became lost within the text, whether if this was just because I am heterosexual male, or the movie is just that good is unknown. It wouldn’t be until our group discussion and examination I would realize how dangerous this immersement actually is. Upon my first viewing, I pointed out at the wedding, one of the first scenes of the movie, that there was a quick shot of a man in “traditional African clothing.” Trying to hang on to whatever I could find, I thought, why was that random man there with all of those other white people in dresses and suites? What is his significance? Of course what really needed to be taken from the film in reference to Africa is the proliferation of the view of Africa as this mysterious and magical place where life was first created and which holds many dark secrets which can only be found by climbing a mountain to find a lost and ancient tribe. Furthermore, what makes it dangerous to be an unconscious observer of this film is that recreates the colonial image of the rich white group of men and women coming into Africa and utilizing the indigenous people to guide and help them on their journey in Africa.


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